International Move Management

The key to a successful international move lies in correct planning, set up and follow through. Getting the details right are critical.

It all starts with the visual survey from your Taylor International moving consultant. They are experts in international moving and have completed rigorous training.

Not only will they list and calculate the weight and volume of your goods but will discuss various transportation options (land/sea/air), move timing, relocation insurance availability and will take note of any items that require special crating or handling like high-value items.

These details are then brought back to create your estimate.

Single Point of Contact

Once you approve the estimate your Taylor move coordinator becomes your single point of contact throughout your move.

Using our unique electronic system, your move coordinator will set up the packing, furniture wrapping and container loading dates. All outside suppliers (e.g. steamship lines, air carriers, etc.) are ordered and our partner agent at your ultimate destination is notified. They will guide you through the customs process and acquire all documents making sure that all is in order to meet the requirements of your new country. 

After loading is completed, they will be there for you to answer questions and updated arrival times.

At destination they will make sure you are connected with our partner agent and that the dates for unloading, unwrapping and unpacking are confirmed.

International Moving Consultants

Move Management is a skill and each coordinator and moving consultant reports directly to our International Manager Arthur Drewry.