Tips On Selecting A Competent Household Goods Moving Company

Rick Taylor June 21, 2016 Employee Relocation


This is the time of year when many people/families prepare to move for a variety of reasons. They purchase a new home, upsize or downsize, or they are relocating to start a new job in a new location. Relocations for whatever reason can be within home country, cross border or international.

Whatever the reason for your move, please do your homework before selecting and committing to a household goods moving company. There are "Rogue Movers" on the fringes of the household goods moving industry who take advantage of people who are relocating.

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The 5 Most Common Issues In the Moving Industry In The Summer

Rick Taylor June 3, 2016 Resources, Press Release, Events

The moving industry is not a commodity. It is not as simple as just ordering more trucks to fill the 100% increase in business that movers will experience during the months of June, July and August.

I thought I would share the 5 areas where the moving industry as a whole tends to "fall down" during these peak months and the issues that arise beacuse of it.

1)Taking On More Work Than They Can Do:

Many movers will look to do a move that they know they will have trouble handling but do so because it is priced so well. By ignoring their own capacity or the "black out" date of their respected Van Line, they will create an enviroment that is putting all of their clients at significant risk. Extremely long transit times and/or having an inexperienced crew handle the move will create service delivery issues to their clients. In other words, it's short term "greed" knowing that they have little hope of delivering what is promised.

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