Retirement is Changing

Rick Taylor February 9, 2016 Resources, Press Release, News

Retirement at 65? That may be the way the world worked 30 years ago but in todays world, with people living longer and healthier lifestyles, we believe that this will be the exception and not the rule.

Taylor Moving and Storage actively recruits mature people. From sales, packing and our international services we have found that there lies a large untapped resource that greatly enhances our quality.

Many older workers don't want to work 50 hours a week but do want to continue being busy and to supplement their incomes. By being flexible, we are able to position these employee's to add additional depth to our staff. Their flexible hours allows us to "ramp up" during the busy summer season without sacrificing quality.

In many cases, these workers bring a different perspective and work ethic to our existing staff. This helps change the culture within our firm for the better. A young 20 something employee does learn a great deal about professionalism from his 60 year old counterpart.

A good example is our packing service. Since we started to employ and recruit mature workers to this product line we have found our quality ratings and claims aviodance figures rose quite quickly. It has really shown to be exteremly helpful to our overall quality scores.

We have also selected certain long term Taylor employee's to fill our training roles. For example, one long term employee (over 35 years with us) designed and implemented various training programs for our staff. The expense of this training was far outweighed by the improvement we saw within our team.

We would be very interested if other firms share the same outlook and what they have found when tapping in to this demographic.

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