Why is an international moving network important?

Arthur Drewry January 12, 2017 Overseas Moving, International Moving, Employee Relocation

Why is an international moving network important?

Sooner or later, all of us move things.

You take boxes from the main floor of your home to your basement, you load pick-up trucks, move chairs to the cottage, beds to your university student’s apartment, and lawn mowers from one back yard to another.

However, when it comes to packing and shipping your precious possessions from one country to another, most people aren’t aware of the full extent of the process.

That’s why you need an international moving network.

Here is one example of how things can go wrong very fast.

Consider that if you are shipping a sizeable amount of household goods, they will likely be moved from country to country in a large container on a ship. The container is often moved from your current location by truck and/or train to the shipyard. Then a crane picks it up very high in the air and swings it over to the ship, stacking it neatly on another container.

It will shift and rock during that process, moving its contents if they are not secure. When it arrives at its destination, the process will take place in reverse.

We have seen the horror stories of what happens when prized possessions are not packed by a professional. We have been told stories of a piano that looked more like an accordion on arrival and a priceless antique damaged beyond repair.

At Taylor International, headquartered in Burlington, Ont. we are the only company using double ply bubble wrap for the wrapping of furniture. While this wrap is expensive, it leads to a much higher level of protection for our clients.

Your household goods will also be going through a series of different contact points in the process of getting from one country to another, and if you have no experience in booking and handling these points, problems can occur.

For example, the first contact point for the household goods you move is your moving company that originally packs them and has them transported to the nearest port.

The second point is when the freight company arranges to have your goods shipped to the closest port to where you are moving.

The third point is when another moving company receives your goods and clears customs to move the goods in to the house where you will reside.

If any of the arrangements at any point of the move are not done correctly you could have your shipment delayed or at worst lost. An international moving company has experience handling all three contact points, ensuring that the transfer of your goods goes smoothly.

Ask your international mover what kind of experience they have handling the various contact points. Will they be a one-stop shop for you so you can relax and expect your goods to arrive in your new home without problems?

As an international mover, we are proud to have our expertise recognized as recipients of two prestigious awards for excellence in service at a recent industry gala in Washington, D.C.

We received by Platinum and Silver Awards for receiving a cumulative transferee satisfaction rating last year of 95 percent.

It was public validation that the many steps we take to distinguish ourselves from everyone else in our business is working, and that our extra efforts are well worth it.

Without the experience we have as an international mover, we couldn’t get your goods safely to your new home. With access to a worldwide network of qualified certified movers, we can negotiate the safe transfer of your precious belongings to your new home.

Taylor International, headquartered in Burlington, Ont., offers a worldwide moving service for our private and corporate clients. Call or email us to discuss your move at 1-877-832-8010 / +1 905 632 8010 / intl@ataylormomving.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

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