Why you need to activate your work visa before leaving Canada

Arthur Drewry January 4, 2017 Overseas Moving, International Moving, Employee Relocation

Why you need to activate your work visa before leaving Canada

The ease with which most people can travel the world on vacation can lead us to believe that we can easily go anywhere in the world armed with just our passport.

However, when you are moving to a foreign country to live or work, you will encounter a completely different scenario and will have to fulfill certain criteria upon arrival.

Just about every country has different rules and regulations about granting work visas, familiarizing yourself of these and having your work permit activated before you arrive will save you a lot of grief.

For example, in Canada, if you arrive on a work permit then you must ensure you leave the country when this permit expires. You have to show you have sufficient funds to support yourself and your family, have no criminal record and agree to obey the law whilst residing in Canada.

Never accept a job opportunity with a company, or undertake any casual labor to sustain yourself in a new country without the correct paperwork otherwise you could jeopardize your status within the country.

When planning on moving to find work in a foreign country it is suggested you contact the local consulate of that country and establish what the current regulations are. Today, a lot of the material can be found on their websites, but a personal call or visit to ensure that you are interpreting the regulations clearly is highly advised.

Most countries require other supporting documentation in addition to your work visa. These can include your birth certificate, medical certificates, diplomas/degrees, and marriage or divorce certificates. Some countries will want to see these original documents.

Regardless of the country that your employer wants you to work in, you will need a work visa. Work visas are granted by the country’s immigration authorities and you must have approval before you enter the country to work.

Moving to a new country is a huge upheaval for you and your family. Ensuring that you have all necessary documents in order is essential. The majority of companies will either have an in house lawyer to help with this process or will outsource to an immigration lawyer/specialist to minimize the added worry this may cause.

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