Why is an international moving network important?

Arthur Drewry January 12, 2017 Overseas Moving, International Moving, Employee Relocation

Sooner or later, all of us move things.

You take boxes from the main floor of your home to your basement, you load pick-up trucks, move chairs to the cottage, beds to your university student’s apartment, and lawn mowers from one back yard to another.

However, when it comes to packing and shipping your precious possessions from one country to another, most people aren’t aware of the full extent of the process.

That’s why you need an international moving network.

Here is one example of how things can go wrong very fast.

Consider that if you are shipping a sizeable amount of household goods, they will likely be moved from country to country in a large container on a ship. The container is often moved from your current location by truck and/or train to the shipyard. Then a crane picks it up very high in the air and swings it over to the ship, stacking it neatly on another container.

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What differentiates one international mover from another?

Arthur Drewry January 10, 2017 Overseas Moving, International Moving, Employee Relocation

What differentiates one international mover from another?

There are a lot of international movers claiming to be experts in our field.

What is the criteria to follow to ensure that you have selected a quality mover to handle your move to your new home in another country?

It starts with the packing and goes from there.

Look at the experience, quality control, and procedures of your mover when it comes to selecting the team that will pack and move the things that matter most in your life.

For example, at Taylor International, we are unique in that we have a full time quality control supervisor dedicated to the training and development of our workers, packers and van foreman. We have each new hire interviewed by one of our owners. They must also take a Personality Profile test to see if they have the right attitude for the job. We also require a complete criminal records check of all our van foremen. As we direct hire & train our staff rather than use casual labor, we know that the team who packs and moves your goods are professionally trained and are key to ensuring that all goes smoothly.

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Why you need to activate your work visa before leaving Canada

Arthur Drewry January 4, 2017 Overseas Moving, International Moving, Employee Relocation

The ease with which most people can travel the world on vacation can lead us to believe that we can easily go anywhere in the world armed with just our passport.

However, when you are moving to a foreign country to live or work, you will encounter a completely different scenario and will have to fulfill certain criteria upon arrival.

Just about every country has different rules and regulations about granting work visas, familiarizing yourself of these and having your work permit activated before you arrive will save you a lot of grief.

For example, in Canada, if you arrive on a work permit then you must ensure you leave the country when this permit expires. You have to show you have sufficient funds to support yourself and your family, have no criminal record and agree to obey the law whilst residing in Canada.

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Four benefits of hiring an international mover

Arthur Drewry December 21, 2016 Overseas Moving, International Moving, Employee Relocation

Four benefits of hiring an international mover

So you’ve just accepted an international assignment from your company and you are trying to make the transition from Canada to your new location as easily as possible.

Your human resources department recommends that you use an international mover and here are several reasons why you should follow this recommendation and rely on a professional international mover.

International movers are far more complex than domestic moves.

According to the Canadian Employee Relocation Council the top three international destinations for assignments are; Europe , Africa & The Middle East. In terms of making adjustments, the most challenging international destinations are The Middle East, Africa and Russia.

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Arthur Drewry September 23, 2010 News, Overseas Moving, International Moving

Commercial vehicle movement will come to a standstill in New Delhi from 24 September, 2010, as the city prepares for the XIX Commonwealth Games which will take place from 3 – 14 October.

New Delhi authorities will regulate traffic in and around the JLN Sports Complex and other venues to help ease the massive volume of vehicles and pedestrians expected during the games.

In order to avoid any unnecessary delays, we advise you not to plan any shipment arrival between 24 September and 14 October, 2010. If a shipment during this time is unavoidable, please contact us and we will advise you on the best procedure.

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Arthur Drewry September 23, 2010 News, Overseas Moving, International Moving

The port of Marseille in France, has been experiencing severe traffic congestion since the 18 September. The mounting congestion is preventing the docking and unloading of containers in a timely manner at the port of Fos-sur-Mer.

Since Monday, 20 September, a number of carriers have been unable to access cargo & collect any containers from the port. This will continue until the situation improves.

Furthermore, a strike is likely to start from 1 October.

Source : AGS - France.

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Arthur Drewry September 23, 2010 News, Overseas Moving, International Moving

A new customs union between Russia, Belorussia, and Kazakhstan was adopted on July 1, 2010 introducing new customs regulations. Those new customs regulations severely restricted the type of household goods and personal effects that could be imported temporary duty-free by foreign citizens leading to a significant increase in customs duties that often far exceed the cost of the move itself.

Based on a recent meeting of Russian Customs officials, unofficial sources are discussing the possibility that the Russian government is expected to waive import customs duties for household goods shipments imported by foreign citizens on a temporary basis. An official release is expected shortly but the precise details of the decision are unknown at this time.

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