From a Dream to Reality: Al Taylor's Journey with Taylor Moving & Storage - A Canadian Saga of Triumph and Endless Opportunity! (Part 1)

Jack August 11, 2023 News

In the burgeoning heartbeat of post-war Canada, where optimism and opportunity bloomed like wildflowers across the landscape, the inspiring story of Al Taylor and the inception and rise of Taylor Moving & Storage emerged. This tale is more than a simple business success; it is emblematic of the very soul of a country and an era, intertwining with the broader societal themes that coursed through the veins of Southwestern Ontario in the mid-50s to late 60s.

As Canada stood on the precipice of unprecedented growth, the words of Al Taylor, a mere 19-year-old #entrepreneur, would resonate with an entire generation: “We had nothing but a dream, a truck and time. I started by hitting the ground running.” With these humble words, a local titan was born, taking its first steps as Taylor Transfer before growing into the company we know today. Al's journey began much earlier, filled with tenacity, relentless work, and youthful determination.

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