Sales vs. Quality?

Russ Taylor November 24, 2010 Press Release

What comes first, the chicken or the egg? My father in law and I for many years have debated sales vs quality. As a professional salesperson,I always argued that sales was the most important part of a company. My father in law argued that quality in the operations was the most important.

As I have grown older and more reflective, it pains me to say that my father in law is right!

Quality attracts referrals, keeps clients and enhances our brand in the marketplace. Simply put, quality service improves our bottom line more than anything else we can do.

For me, quality rules!

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Moving Industry: Who will lead it in the future?

Russ Taylor November 2, 2010 News

Where are the young up and comers in the household goods industry?

I have attended numerous industry association conferences over the last while. I found myself looking at the same familiar faces that I have seen for years now.

As I approach 50, I started asking myself "Where are the next generation of leaders?"

As the average age of a van foreman increases year after year,so is the average age of the owners and managers of household goods moving companies. Indeed, I have met very few young people entering our industry.

Household goods moving and storage is a multi billion dollar industry in North America. It will be very interesting to see what effects this talent shortage will have in the shaping and productivity of our industry in the future.

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