New Appointment - Arthur Drewry

Rick Taylor May 28, 2011 Press Release, News, Burlington

Arthur Drewry, recently named CMMB Representative for Region 6, was raised as a British expatriate and in 2000 began his career in the household goods relocation industry in the Middle East. Drewry got his first taste of the international moving business while working with Gulf Agency Company, a respected international removals company. There, he played an integral role in handling corporate relocations for Exxon Mobil, Occidental Petroleum, Elf Petroleum, and Chevron Phillips. During that time, Drewry earned his FIDI Diploma, the highest international education designation in the international relocation industry.

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Human Resources

Rick Taylor May 24, 2011 Human Resources

Human Resources & The Moving Industry

Here at Taylor Moving HR is not simply the latest buzz word, it is the basis and backbone of our company.

I remember when I started here seventeen years ago, Mr. Allen Taylor founder and president went through sixty candidates for the sales position which I was applying for. Taylor Moving then and now continue to recruit, train and develop only the best to be part of Taylor Moving & Storage Ltd.

We realize if you have great people, the end result will be excellent service to our customers, resulting in referrals and customer satisfaction.

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Our Federal Election

Rick Taylor May 5, 2011 Press Release

For some of our clients not located in Canada, you may be interested to know that we just completed our national election and Canada has elected a majority government.

Despite looking like a minority days before the election, the Conservative government rode a strong wave of support in the most populous province of Ontario to capture the prize they have been seeking for many years.

After 3 elections in 5 years, this means we Canadians will not go back to the polls for at least 4 years.

It will be interesting to see what this means for Canada and the direction of the country in these uncertain times.

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